Clubs Meckling Livestock members meet

President Luke Heine called the meeting of the Meckling Livestock 4-H Club to order. Kelsy Fallan led the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge. Our roll call topic was favorite flavor of bubblegum. Kelsy then read the secretary's report. We did not have a treasurer's report. We discussed old business: our May community service and 4-H promotion projects, a schedule for the dog show food stand, bars for the dog show, the upcoming sewing classes and project day, demo and fashion revue registration deadlines, and upcoming judging classes. For new business we handed out 2004 State Fair books and discussed out community service and promotion projects and 4-H camp. Carlee Sorensen then gave a demonstration on making playdoh. Jenny Bye motioned to adjourn the meeting; Jana Bye seconded it. We then had refreshments provided by Carlee. Our next meeting is July 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the 4-H Center. President Luke Heine called the July 15 meeting to order. We said the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge. Our roll call topic was favorite Looney Tunes character. We had no secretary's ortreasurer's reports. We discussed old business: our June community service and 4-H promotion projects and how the food stand at the dog show went. For new business we discussed our community service and promotion projects and talked about the Six Easy Bites workshop coming up and county fair dates and jobs we have. Breanna Bottolfson then gave a demonstration on "Solid or Liquid?" Gerrit Heine motioned to adjourn the meeting; Carlee Sorensen seconded it. We then had refreshments provided by Breanna. Our next meeting was scheduled for Aug. 9 at 6 p.m. at the 4-H Center to help with fair setup.

Midday Connection to meet September 7

This month, the Women's Midday Connection will be meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 7 at noon at the Centerville American Legion. We are having a salad luncheon so bring your appetites! Phyllis Holm of rural Centerville, will be sharing her doll collection with us. Our speaker this month is Bonnie Loper of McCook, NE. She will tell us about coping with her child's cancer. Her son was diagnosed with cancer at age 5 and was given five years to live. For reservations please call Wilhelmina Jorgenson at 326-5562, Jan Stevens at 563-2821 or Lois Lounsberry at 763-5284 by Sept. 4.

Trinity WELCA enjoys 'Out -And-About' day

Members of Trinity's WELCA enjoyed their annual Out-And-About Day on Thursday, Aug. 26. Transportation to Sioux Falls was provided by Jill Munger, Dorothy Neuhaus, Joann Schulz's daughter, Sally Schmitz, and Glennis Stewart. The women visited the Sertoma Butterfly House and met for a noon luncheon at the Spezia Restaurant. Midge Carlson, formerly of Vermillion, joined the group at the Butterfly House. After the luncheon she invited the women to Dow Rummel Village for a tour and for a visit in her apartment.

Rotary learns that quotes often miss mark

The Vermillion Rotarians, Kent Scribner presiding, met for our weekly lunch Tuesday at the Al Neuharth Media Center. Guests today were Mark Froke, the new superintendent of schools in these parts and USD Law School Professor John Hagemann, of whom more later. On Saturday, Sept. 11, Rotary has pledged to provide some support staff for the first annual 10K run to Spirit Mound. Missy Mayfield, a recent president of our Vermillion chapter of Rotary is leaving us and invited us all to stop off to see her at Bozeman. For our program today Professor John Hagemann gave us a talk titled "The Fine Art of Misquotation." John has been attending to nicely phrased statements for most of his life and claims to have over 100 books in his personal library that are collections of various kinds of quotes from politics to baseball. Misquotations and misattributions are part of any quote-monger's normal concerns and so he regaled us with examples of both. Most any aging baby boomer has heard "Don't trust anyone over 30" � which was so much more attractive, as sayings go, a few decades ago � though hardly anyone knows who first said it. Professor Hagemann tracked that one down ? and it was not Abbie Hoffman. The statement, "Academic disputes are so bitter because the stakes are so small," is often attributed to Henry Kissinger but, apparently, he does not own up to it. (Is he actually planning to go back to Harvard?) A newspaper reporter came up with Willie Sutton's best line. Yogi Berra did, in fact, utter many, though not all, of the funny statements attributed to him, etc. Mysteries remain. The so often applicable remark, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result," which would find us all to be at least occasionally crazy, is a wise saying that Professor Hagemann has not tracked down to a specific first utterer. If you know its origin let him know.

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