Highway Patrol conducting Operation Safe

Highway Patrol conducting Operation Safe In an effort to combat highway crashes, injuries and deaths due to speeding and other traffic violations, three South Dakota Highway Patrol squads will conduct an Operation Safe mobilization on Friday, Sept. 3 from 2 to 10 p.m. along Interstate 90 from Mitchell to the Minnesota border.

"Labor Day is always a busy time on the roads," said Col. Dan Mosteller, Highway Patrol superintendent. "By increasing the public's awareness of the dangers of operating motor vehicles in an unsafe manner, combined with the Highway Patrol's visibility, we are promoting highway safety and hopefully decreasing the number of crashes on this particular stretch of highway."

During the eight-hour Operation Safe mobilization, 18 troopers will use speed monitoring equipment to enforce violations contributing to crashes and injuries. The troopers' top priorities include getting motorists to wear their seat belts and to travel at the posted speed limit. They will also place emphasis on moving violations that cause crashes, serious injuries and death.

"Our goal is to begin the holiday weekend crash free," said Capt. Jeffrey Talbot. "Speeding and moving violations are consistently listed as underlying reasons for traffic crashes and injuries, particularly on the interstate."

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