Letters Designed to fail

To the editor:

But for a Democratic-led filibuster and Sen. Tom Daschle's failure to find only two Democratic votes last fall, provisions doubling the use of ethanol as part of a comprehensive energy bill would now be the law of the land.�

The ethanol provisions died because Daschle said he "reluctantly" supported the energy bill, and he did not actively work to pass the measure (instead, he was out signing copies of his book at a DC area bookstore).�

This past spring, in an hasty attempt to remedy the damage done by his massive miscalculation last fall, Sen. Daschle attached the ethanol provisions as an amendment to the internet tax bill offered by John McCain.�

However, any informed observer of Senate procedure can tell you that Daschle's ethanol amendment was designed to fail.

First, Daschle attached the ethanol amendment to a bill that was controlled and managed by the Senate's most out-spoken, anti-ethanol Senator (John McCain). Even if the ethanol amendment had passed, it would have died in conference at McCain's behest.� Second, Daschle never contacted any pro-ethanol Republicans to rally for passage of the ethanol amendment.�

Third, Daschle never contacted the ethanol and corn grower lobbyists in advance, something that is required if you really want an ethanol amendment to pass.�In fact, the National Corngrowers Association did not support the Daschle amendment, because they did not want to expend effort on an amendment so clearly designed to fail.

Why would Daschle offer an ethanol amendment designed to fail? So that his supporters can write disingenuous letters to the editor about how the evil Republicans defeated ethanol.� Make no mistake.�Daschle failed to get ethanol passed when the opportunity to do so was in his grasp.�No political ploys like offering amendments designed to fail can obscure that fact.

Jason Van Beek


Just the facts

To the editor:

In recent months we have experienced situations within our community where perceptions are held and opinions are formed based upon only a portion of the available information.

It is an ultimate truism that there are always two sides to every story. Much misinformation and skewing of the facts can take place when we react without all the knowledge that can be gleaned from any given event.

I would challenge us all to consider an honest attempt to find all pertinent facts surrounding a happening before we jump to a premature conclusion.

Rumor and half truth always seem to travel at the speed of light, while factual research takes considerably longer.

If there are questions about any situations within our city, I will do my very best to find a factual answer for you on any topic. Written communication is preferred, since the possibility of misunderstanding or error is lessened.

Please contact me at 25 Center Street, Vermillion, SD 57069 or e-mail danchris@ iw.net.

It's a thin sheet of paper that has only one side. Thank you.


Dan Christopherson


City of Vermillion

Moore propaganda

To the editor:

Micheal Moore is fond of saying he "loves America" yet he acts like a guy who says he loves his Chevrolet but wants to trade it in on a Ford.

America was not built on the socialistic values of old Europe that Moore is so fond of and the traditional American Judeo-Christian ethic he's ready to discard. His propaganda has become the elixir of the koolaid drinking left-wing kooks who are slowly destroying the Democratic party.

There are about 90 million people living south of the Rio Grande who will testify that American is not that bad of a place. In the words of one immigrant "I want to live someplace where the poor people are fat!"

Micheal Moore also asks "Would you send your son to fight in Iraq?" First of all, the Army only accepts adults who volunteer. No parent can "sign his child away."

And second of all, if any or all of my three sons chose to fight the war in Iraq to defend his family, I would be immensely proud. We face a terror threat that will not go away until it is crushed like a snake under a heavy boot. Better our soldiers go to meet the terrorists in Fallujah than Al Qaeda come to the local mall.

My uncle died in Vietnam after being encouraged to flee to Canada by left-wing America haters. He refused to flee because he loved this country which had given our family of Mexican immigrants so much.� He taught us that some things in life must be done even if they are hard. He knew there were some things more important than himself and would rather die a good example to his younger siblings rather than live as a bad one.

I hope that some day Michael Moore will ask his ridiculous "send your son" question to someone and they reply to Michael, "Would you send your daughter to board the next plane that Al Qaeda slams into a building?"

Robert Perez


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