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To the editor:

The new census numbers out this week show that over 1.4 million more Americans have lost health care coverage over the past three years. I just don't understand how we can afford to build hospitals in Baghdad but are letting people go without the health care here at home � how does this make sense?

I work as a Physician Assistant, and every day at work I hear patients say that they cannot afford to purchase their medication or bring in family members who are sick. Almost daily I am told by someone, "I cannot get the prescription filled until payday," but they cannot work if they are ill. And if they don't work they get no pay. Is this right for America?

Policy changes are certainly needed. These including passing Tom Daschle's legislation to make health coverage for the National Guard permanent, and to lower the cost of prescription through reimportation of drugs made here and sold to other countries for far less than we can buy them for here at home. We must make insurance premiums available and affordable for all Americans. We have the CHIP program for children, but not all children are enrolled. Why not?

These steps are all part of a larger issue, what Tom Daschle has said again and again: we need to start "doing right by America." Our good intentions in Iraq and Afghanistan don't mean a thing if our own children and the elderly can't get the medical care they need to survive here at home.

The Administration and members of Congress need to listen to a real leader with a real vision. Tom Daschle will do right for South Dakota and for America, just as he always has.


Marilyn Harms, PA-C



To the editor:

I have read the most recent news articles regarding items of interest at the Lykken family farm. First of all, this is all speculation; nothing is proven. Let's not let the Vermillion Plain Talk become like the National Enquirer.

I found some inconsistencies with these so-called finds.

1. Search for a red 1960 Studebaker Lark car. I thought the car was a beige color, not red.

2. The red purse: This may be nothing, just an old purse which belonged to someone in the Lykken family, and someone stuck it in the roof rafter.

3. Bones and bone fragments: These can be the remains of animals or else ancient people.

There seems to be much sensationalism trying to solve this case.

Cathy Bell

Hastings, NE

Editor's note: The Sioux Falls Argus Leader reported the Studebaker's color as red in a news story Sept. 9. According to recent Plain Talk stories, the car was beige in color.

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