Letters Let it be

To the editor:

I'm "sick and tired" (my mother's favorite expression) of both political parties deciding to replay the Vietnam War. We went through the agonies of families disgraced by having sons who couldn't seem to prove they were idealistic objectors, and families whose sons may still lie in hospital beds or suffer enduring physical handicaps from answering the call, however remote the objective might have seemed to be.

Let it lie! Iraq is enough to worry about now. Democrats and Republicans will have to confront present and future losses there to try to ensure future world peace. That is enough to be worth picking the best possible leaders in both parties at every level.

Vietnam is over and out. Let it be. Bombarding us with retroactive war actions is tiresome and unreasonable and I, for one, think it should be stopped.

Iraq is now the proper war to be getting all our attention, Democrats and Republicans. No one man will ever deserve all the blame or glory.

Every politician will contribute. Choose them well � in November ��for Iraq and beyond.

Kathleen Block


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