Tanager girls’ softball season opens with wins

Tanager girls' softball season opens with wins by Jim Prosser The season opened on Sunday, Aug. 29 for the Tanager softball team, coached by Matt Brandhagen.

They played a double header session at the Sherman Park complex in Sioux Falls and came away with two lopsided victories. Playing with the unliimited substitution rule and courtesy runners for pitchers and catchers, every player on the roster bats on offense but only nine or 10 are used on defense.

Here are the results of the first game against Garretson, an 11-2 laugher which, in the fourth inning, was sparked by the bottom of the order when Stacey Bottlfson, Mary Ann Bierle, and Ariel Hofman had consecutive basehits.

Brianna Brinkman struck out, then Chelsea Houska, Alicia Brown, Brittny Bye, and Heather Walker followed with a hit each. Anna Isaacson struck out, then came walks to Paige Prosser and Jenny Bye, followed by a Brittnay Campbell hit and walks to Alexa Walker and Brittni Stewart.

The team scored 10 runs with every member on the team having a chance to bat. Jenny Bye was the winning pitcher with a no-hit performance marred only by a couple hit batters and two walks.

Game two was also a Tanager victory, 24-2. It was a three-inning wipe-out of the Yankton freshman squad. Brown and Brittny Bye both scored three runs and everyone on the roster scored at least one run. The winning pitcher was Brittny Bye who also pitched a no hitter.

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