Teen Angels show they care

Teen Angels show they care The resident's of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center had another great summer thanks to the many Vermillion High School students who volunteered this summer as Teen Angels.

The Teen Angel volunteer program started in the spring of 2002 offering Vermillion High School students the opportunity to volunteer in their community. This summer marks the third year the Angels have volunteered their time and talents to the resident's of the care center. The volunteer program runs for 10 weeks each summer and concludes with a pizza and awards party in mid-August.

During the summer the students volunteer for a variety of tasks that include helping with bingo, giving walks outside and going on group outings with residents. Weekly pet therapy was also provided this summer by a volunteer whose family raises dogs.

The 24 students who volunteered this summer logged a total of 178 hours. The members of the 2004 Teen Angel program include: Kimberly Baker,

Clare Bucklin, Krystal Clark, Stephanie Cowman, Samantha Haakinson, Caitlin Heer, Ariel Hofman, Anna Isaacson, Stacey Joy, Josephine Kabambi, Bre Ann Lueders, Alicia Moreau, Melaney Porter, Shannon Robinet, Ashley Ruhaak, Annika Sjolie, Greta Sjolie, McKinsey Weydert, Stephanie Taylor, Ali Christensen, Sarah Merrigan, Michelle Rydell, Molly O'Connor and Ashley Thompson.

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