Tennis team loses two matches in Mitchell

Tennis team loses two matches in Mitchell by Jim Prosser The Mitchell Kernels girls' tennis team held a triangular meet involving Rapid City Central and Vermillion on Tuesday, Aug. 24.

First match results: Vermillion � 0, Mitchell � 9. Singles: Karmyn Hettinger (M) def. Michelle Rydell 10-2; Laura Osterloo (M) def. Zazzee Coleman 10-1; Brooke Cersosimo (M) def. Liz Day (default); Sarah Thompson (M) def. Amanda Granaas 10-1; Channing Smith (M) def. Linsay Morecraft 8-1; and Amanda Becker (M) def. Dru Daniels 10-4.

Doubles: Hettinger/Osterloo def. Coleman/Rydell 10-1; Cersosimo/Thompson def. Day/ Granaas (default); Smith/ Becker def. Morecraft/Daniels 10-1.

Junior varsity matches: Amanda Weber (M) def. Shannon Skillman 8-1; Alicia Hesla (V) def. Jordan Kennedy 8-0; Weber/Kennedy (M) def. Skillman/Hesla 8- 3.

The second match results gave RC Central � 8, Vermillion � 1. In the singles: Ashley Waltman (C) def. Rydell10-1; Coleman (V) def. Stephanie Schumacker 10-4; Danielle Johnson (C) def. Day (default); Suzanne Wyss (C) def. Granaas 10-2; Hallie Sims (C) def. Morecraft 10-2; and Cassie Raczynski (C) def. Daniels 10-1.

Doubles: Waltman/Schumacker def. Coleman/Rydell 10-3; Johnson/Wyss def. Day/Granaas 10-2; Sims/ Emily Raczynski def. Morecraft/ Daniels 10-6.

Junior varsity: Lydia Franz (C) def. Shanon Skillman 8-4; E. Razynski (C) def. Alicia Hesla 8-5; C. Razynski/Franz def. Skillman/Hesla 8-0.

"With each match all the girls will gain needed experience, which is making them more confident as well as improving their skills," said coach Maya Ristic.

The complete roster for the Tanagers follows:

Seniors � Rydell and Dasha Erkina; sophomores � Stepanie Cowman, Morecraft, and Britney Holmberg; freshmen � Daniels, Laura Jacobson, Hesla, Granaas, Gabby Richard, Katrina Salitros, and Liz Day; eighth grade � Emily Tracy, Skillman, and Coleman; seventh grade � Sarah Artell and Kathleen Keeley.

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