Wakonda students test well above state average

Wakonda students test well above state average In March and April of this year, Wakonda School students in grades three through eight and 11 were tested with Dakota Step and Stanford 10 Tests as part of the statewide testing program.

With the federal No Child Left Behind legislation, there is a lot of emphasis on math and reading levels. The No Child Left Behind law states that all 84 percent of the Wakonda School students tested were at those levels in reading and 80 percent were in math.

This year, Wakonda School Superintendent Larry Johnke reports that 91 percent of Wakonda students in reading and 92 percent of students in math were at the Proficient and/or Advanced Levels.

"Our staff and students alike need to be commended for their superior test results which verify the excellent education provided at Wakonda Public School," Johnke said.

Traditionally South Dakota students do well on standardized tests, so it's impressive that Wakonda students scored higher than the state of South Dakota at all grade levels. After the state results were made available in August, Cheryl Knudson, Wakonda School guidance counselor, made a comparison of all subject areas tested for both South Dakota and Wakonda School.

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