4-H program teaches youth entrepreneurship

4-H program teaches youth entrepreneurship South Dakota 4-H has a new educational curriculum to help middle and high school youths learn about being entrepreneurs.

Carolyn Clague, a youth development/4-H specialist with the South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service, said the "Be the E" curriculum includes three levels of entrepreneurial activities for young people.

" 'Be the E' is written in such a way that by working with an adult project helper, with other youth, or by yourself, you will learn the skills you need to turn your idea into a possible business," Clague said. "Entrepreneurs create 44 percent of all new businesses. Small businesses, not large corporations, are the driving engine that will expand American's worldwide market in the 21st century."

The curriculum suggests that an adult helper or guide help introduce the youth to the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

"The adult helper's interest, enthusiasm and time are key ingredients to positive and successful experiences," Clague said. "The adult helper will help nurture entrepreneurial leadership that will build a stronger economic future for our nature and world."

By design, the first level of the program, which explores entrepreneurship, is for grades 6-7. Level 2, which practices skills, is geared toward young people in grades 8-9. The third level of the program, which focuses on planning a business, is for students in grades 10-12.

But Clague added that the curriculum may be used by youth in any grade based on their entrepreneurial project skills, experience and interest.

Contact your local SDSU 4-H/youth development educator at your county Extension office for more information about the program.

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