Absentee voting underway in S.D.

Absentee voting underway in S.D. Absentee voting for the Nov. 2 general election has begun in South Dakota.

With the election law now allowing any registered voter to vote absentee without providing a reason, new questions have arisen about the absentee ballot process, accorrding to Secretary of State Chris Nelson.

One of these questions has been, "What if I vote absentee and change my mind before or on election day about how I voted?"

"Unfortunately, incorrect information was provided by my office earlier this week regarding this question," Nelson said. "State election law prohibits a person from requesting another ballot, either by absentee or in person on election day, once the person has voted an absentee ballot.

"As secretary of state, I encourage voters to become informed about all of the candidates and ballot questions before voting," he continued. "Once informed, it is a voter's choice whether to vote absentee or go to their polling place on election day."

Informational resources are available on the Secretary of State's Web site at www.sdsos.gov, such as the Voter Guide containing statements from the candidates and the ballot question pamphlet which contains pro and con statements on each ballot question.

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