Alex Nielsen elected student body president

Alex Nielsen elected student body president by Amber Skjonsberg Although the national presidential election has yet to take place, Wakonda High School students have made their decision for their new student body president.

Alex Nielsen defeated his competition Ally Eckert and Jeanie Stockland for this year's student body president. Nielsen decided to run for president because he loves positions of authority and he considers himself a decision maker.

With Stockland coming in second in the polls, she is now this year's vice president.

"I've worked with Jeanie a lot in the past and we work well together," claims President Nielsen.

Along with a new president there also will be a few changes. Nielsen plans on creating a commons area for honor students. This will be open to all students on honor roll during their study hall. They will be allowed to do homework, talk openly, and have pop and candy in this area. Nielsen hopes that the commons area will become an incentive for more students to apply themselves in their school work.

Throughout the years Nielsen has shown that he has what it takes to be the student body president. He has been class president for three years and his class's representative in student council for three years. As quarterback on the football team and a starter on the basketball team, Nielsen still manages to keep his grades up.

With help from Vice President Stockland and all the other people of the student body, Nielsen hopes to make some popular changes that benefit all students.

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