Attorney general warns of potential auction scams

Attorney general warns of potential auction scams Attorney General Larry Long is warning consumers to be cautious when attending auctions being held in South Dakota by out-of-state companies that promise expensive items such as Persian rugs, rare art, diamonds and more.

"Some of these auctions may be legitimate, but when you are dealing with higher end items make sure to substantiate the authenticity of the items involved," said Long. "These types of items that are advertised can only be authenticated by experts. Consumer may wish to buy high value items from local merchants with good reputations."

Consumers in other states have filed complaints against traveling auction companies, alleging that the values of some items were inflated because the items were misrepresented. These consumers were then unable to contact the auction company because it has left the state and changed its name.

If you need additional information regarding these auctions contact the Attorney General's Office at 1-800-300-1986 or by e-mail at

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