Ballot question pamphlets available

Ballot question pamphlets available Voters who want to learn more about the two Constitutional Amendments and one initiated measure on the Nov. 2 general election ballot may contact the Office of Secretary of State.

Secretary of State Chris Nelson has announced that his office has compiled a pamphlet containing the pros and cons of the proposed amendments and initiated measure and the Attorney General's official explanations for each. The pros and cons are written by a proponent and opponent of each amendment and initiated measure.

Constitutional Amendment A is an amendment to Article V, section 7 of the South Dakota Constitution that would provide for the merit selection of circuit court judges. Constitutional Amendment B is an amendment to Article VII, section 20 of the South Dakota Constitution that would authorize the provision of certain services to all children of school age. Initiated Measure 1 would exempt food from sales and use taxes.

Anyone interested in the pamphlet can contact the Office of Secretary of State toll-free at 1-888-70ELECT to request one. The pamphlet is also available on the Internet at: In addition, copies are available to read at the local county auditor's office and public library. A copy of the pamphlet in Braille or on audio tape can be requested from the South Dakota State Library by calling 1-800-423-6665.

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