Clay Rural Water receives $200,000 grant

Clay Rural Water receives $200,000 grant The state Board of Water and Natural Resources approved a $200,000 grant from the Consolidated water funding program to the Clay Rural Water System to increase the capacity of their drinking water supply and treatment systems.

Gov. Mike Rounds recommended the funding, which was approved when the board met recently in Rapid City.

"Considerable growth has occurred in the southern portion of the service area of the Clay Rural Water System with the number of hook-ups nearly tripling," said Rounds. "This grant will help the rural water system get its project to increase the amount of drinking water that can be supplied to that area under construction."

The number of connections in an area of the Clay Rural Water System north and east of Vermillion has grown from 75 connections when the system was originally constructed in the late 1970s to 210 today. To meet the increased water demand, it is proposed to install about 14 miles of 8-inch diameter pipe from the Greenfield Reservoir to an area north of Vermillion.

Several interconnects will be made along the route with existing Clay Rural Water System distribution lines. In addition, an interconnect will be made with the city of Vermillion consisting of 1.5 miles of 8-inch pipe. Those steps will improve water service to that area by increasing the water delivery capacity to Greenfield Reservoir, and the interconnect with Vermillion will allow for purchase of peak and emergency supply water when needed.

The total estimated cost of the project is $1,060,000.

The state Consolidated water funding program provides grants and loans for water, wastewater, and watershed projects statewide. The Legislature appropriates Water and Environment Funds annually to the Consolidated program through the Governor's Omnibus Water Funding Bill.

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