Clubs Buddy poppy sales planned

The regular meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary to Clay Post #3061 was held Tuesday evening, Oct. 19, with President Elizabeth Fiedler presiding. Roll call of officers was taken and recorded. Chaplain Opal Smith read the opening prayer. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Motion made/seconded and approved to accept the treasurer's report as printed. Correspondence included District #1 meeting minutes, a request for a nominee to the Diana award and a thank you from the Human Services Center representative for the jigsaw puzzles. Americanism chairman reported on the fifth grade essay contest on "Why It Is Important to Vote." Placings were 1. Shelly Gregoire 2. Bethany Hansen 3. Taylor Geu � all students from St. Agnes. Patriot Pen Essay Contest on "What Service to My Country Means to Me" winners were Grade six � Douglas Kronaizl � Middle School; Grade seven � Justin Polley � Wakonda School; Grade eight � Megan Book � Wakonda School. Selling of the Buddy Poppys will be on Nov. 4. Reports were given on membership, get well cards mailed, hospital equipment on loan, hospice, Road to Recovery and bingo at Vermillion Care Center. VFW Auxiliary will mail $25 to the State Fair Fund and spend $50 to purchase food for the Food Pantry for Make a Difference Day. Other reports were Marlene Amundsen on Fall Council Meeting at Brandon, Elizabeth Fiedler on National President's visit, and Opal Smith and Barbara Kronaizl on District #1 fall meeting. Elizabeth Fiedler spoke on the war memorials in Washington, D.C. and Delores Gregg spoke about the Korean Memorial in Pierre. Meeting adjourned to reopen on Nov. 16.

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