Fifth-grade teacher still in Iraq; may return in Feb.

Fifth-grade teacher still in Iraq; may return in Feb. by Ashley Anderson With his e-mails and letters, former fifth-grade teacher Tom Paulson keeps in touch with Wakonda School as much as his duties in Iraq allow him the time.

Paulson reported for duty in January, 2004 and left for Iraq in March, 2004. He hopes to return to his life early next year in February, 2005.

So who is teaching the fifth graders? Wakonda School has been very fortunate to have John Mulhair finish out Paulson's school term last year and now Dan Slowey will teach this batch of fifth graders until Paulson returns.

According to Elementary Principal Kay Leuth, Paulson has a responsible leadership position and always has a positive attitude in his correspondence with the school. Even though he is doing a great job serving our country, he still misses his family, friends and Wakonda staff and students.

He hasn't been able to come home since he left so he is even more eager to return home for the first time.

"Most military members are there at least a year before being sent back," Lueth said. "It all depends on how the year goes."

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