Irene, Wakonda boards agree to combine sports; consolidation plan in works

Irene, Wakonda boards agree to combine sports; consolidation plan in works by Ashley Anderson The Irene-Wakonda Eagles won't just be a football team come the 2005-06 school year. Wednesday, Sept. 29 the two school boards of Irene and Wakonda decided they needed each other for sports next year. All sports teams will become the Irene-Wakonda Eagles

The meeting was held in Irene's cafeteria at 7 p.m. Wakonda's board President Jim Morrison, and members Steve Mohr, Daryl Henriksen, Ron Nelson, and Mike Bolhmann were present and in agreement regarding the decision.

From the Irene board President George Sees, Vice President Mark Anderson, and members Joel Burfeindt, Bruce Heirigs and Sandy Barkley attended. Administrators in attendance were Irene/Wakonda Superintendent Larry Johnke, Principal Dave Hutchison and Elementary Principal Kay Lueth.

Johnke started the meeting with a few words about how Irene and Wakonda first began sharing programs and staff. Today, three administrative positions are shared and six staff members go between Irene and Wakonda.

Last March, the boards came together in Wakonda to decide if the 2004-05 school year was the year to unite in sports. The proposal was voted down; but all junior high sports were combined for this year. It seemed the direction was taken for all sports to be shared come the 2005-06 year.

It was also decided that a plan be drawn up for consolidation of both school districts for the year 2007-08, after the 100th anniversary of Wakonda School.

With sports combining, the enrollment dictates that Irene/Wakonda will move up to class A. With decreases in enrollment and state financial help, this cooperation seems logical and inevitable.

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