Jefferson Port of Entry goes high-tech

Jefferson Port of Entry goes high-tech The�South Dakota�Department of Transportation (SDDOT) and the South Dakota Highway Patrol Motor Carrier Services Section held a grand opening of the Jefferson Port of Entry along with a Trucker Appreciation Day on Oct. 21.�

The new high tech port of entry, located four miles north of�Jefferson,�on Interstate 29, is the site of the state's first electronic screening facility. The technology allows participating motor carriers and truckers to have their vehicle weighed electronically along with their safety rating and credentials checked as they enter the ramp to the port.�If everything is in order, they receive a green light in their cab and can proceed back to I-29 without stopping at the scale and weigh station.

"The new technology available at the Jefferson Port of Entry is incredibly beneficial to the trucking industry and other motor carriers because it saves them time and money," said Dave Huft, SDDOT Research Office. "Because of the time these truck operators are expected to save each year, the industry could possibly save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year."

To participate, each carrier must purchase a $45 NorPass transponder, which they keep in their cabs. The transponder gives them access to E-screening ports in 39 states and provinces.

"We offer better customer service by offering our trucking industry a more efficient credentialing and weighing system at the Jefferson Port of Entry," said Highway Patrol�Captain�Pat Fahey. "We will be able to reward those carriers operating with safe and properly equipped vehicles by expediting their movement through the port of entry. We believe driver satisfaction will go up with fewer required stops, less vehicle wear and fuel savings. This new facility will also allow us to pay closer attention to unsafe operators and provide for a better means to address safety equipment and hazardous vehicle concerns."

During the grand opening, Motor Carrier Services employees demonstrated the electronic process and gave tours of the new building and inspection facility. Following the ceremony, they honored the trucking industry with free lunch for all attendees.�

For more information on the state's E-screening program, visit For more information about Motor Carrier Services, the section managing the stations every day of the year, visit http://

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