Letters Great impression

To the editor:

Congratulations to everyone that was involved with the S.D. Boys State Golf Tournament at The Bluffs on Oct. 4 and 5.

The tournament was a success due to the efforts of the clubhouse personnel, the groundskeepers and the multitudes of volunteers, who kept score and spotted balls. Those groups that supplied food for the participants were also appreciated.

Additionally, many Vermillion citizens and high school students were there to encourage our players. This helped our VHS boys to a third place finish.

I heard many excellent comments from visiting parents of players, so their impressions of the course and the community were very positive. Thanks again for all your interest and hard work.

Tom Schaack


Distinguished career

To the editor:

Erin Oliver's story on Jack Noble definitely sums up a distinguished and Noble career. It was most enjoyable to read about an individual who has been a friend for over a decade, not to mention my landlord prior to my move to west Texas.

Thank you for your extensive coverage on a talented musician, dedicated human being and best of all, a good guy!

Hi Jack and Phyllis!

Steve Lang

Alpine, TX

PUC needs the spotlight

To the editor:

As a young voter, I was recently surprised to find that the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission deals with a variety of important and complex issues like cell phone service, wind energy, and consumer protection. After hearing Dusty Johnson speak, it is clear that he has a far reaching vision for the state and these issues.

I hope South Dakotans are taking the time to look at these issues and cast their votes wisely. I'm voting for Johnson because of his experience, vision and enthusiasm that he would bring to the future of South Dakota as a public utilities commissioner. Way to go Dusty.

Paul Gourley


Vote for Johnson

To the editor:

I write today to express my support for James D. Johnson, Democratic candidate for South Dakota's House of Representatives, District 17.

James is well-qualified to serve as your representative in Pierre. In addition to being a Vermillion native and a life-long resident of South Dakota, James is a hard-working individual with a strong work ethic and solid character. Having worked in a variety of service professions, James knows first hand the issues and concerns of the hard-working citizens of Vermillion and the surrounding area.

James is actively involved in providing community service in Vermillion, is a senior at USD, works a full-time job, and has pledged to work hard on your behalf. As a teacher educator, I know James shares my concerns regarding education including raising teacher salaries and working to keep our teachers here in South Dakota.

If elected, he will listen to and represent your concerns in Pierre. Won't you join me and my parents, Maxine and Allen Johnson, on Nov. 2, and vote for my brother, James D. Johnson.

Thank you,

Sharon Andrews


Abrupt interruption

To the editor:

As visitors to Iowa and South Dakota returning to Arizona, we were passing through Vermillion on Sept. 9, looking for a shop we had been told about that carried unique whirl-a-gigs. Not seeing the shop, we turned around and went back through town, finding "much a do" at 1 West Main Street. The shop owner was just putting out the items we were searching for, which caught our attention.

We had a great time shopping and finding unusual gift items. We were abruptly interrupted when two men wearing Code Enforcement shirts came into the shop and proceeded to tell the proprietor that she had to remove her whirl-a-gigs that were displayed in front of her shop. After she politely inquired about any city ordinance that she might be violating, she was told, "We will remove them and you can pick them up at the City Hall."

As customers we were shocked at the way this matter was handled by the city representatives, however we were impressed how the owner managed the situation professionally in the presence of customers.

As we travel through small towns we are often attracted to this type of business and realize they need all the help they can get.

We wish the small business owner success and hope the community of Vermillion will support her endeavor.


LaMoine and Mary Oden

Apache Junction, AZ

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