Letters The truth is valuable

To the editor:

What's bad about negative political ads?

To make a judgement about anything, a person needs to evaluate the available information and try to make an informed decision.

When buying a used car, for example, the same thing is done. Not all information gathered about a particular car is positive. But, all information is helpful in making a decision. A political ad that tells of a candidate's past voting record, or describes the differences between one politician's position on an issue and another's, can be helpful information. But, it is often considered negative campaigning by the opponent.

Besides, accusing an opponent of negative campaigning is in itself negative.

So, what's right in all the hoopla? It's our job as voters to try to discern. Truthful negative ads are valuable. Let's not condemn them.

Sincerely yours,

Beth M. Johnson


Thanks for Noble story

To the editor:

On behalf of the Jack Noble Celebration Committee, I would like to thank the Plain Talk for the wonderful article in the Oct. 1, 2004 issue. You have helped us to honor the accomplishments of this very special member of our community.

I would like it noted that the wonderful photo of Jack Noble was taken by Don Skillman. He has been very kind to share his talents with us and we want him to have the well deserved credit.

Thank you,

Sandy Dickenson


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