Letters To the editor:

Every vote taken on the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. is recorded, printed that night, and placed back on members' desks the following morning. A copy is filed in the Congressional Library for public access.

1. Daschle voted to tax all Social Security 2 percent per year � look at your record.

2. Lyndon Johnson drained the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for the Vietnam War.

3. The predominate Democratic members never made any effort to repay our hard earned Social Security Trust Fund.

4. We have laws that state no one can remove another's trust fund without going to jail. Daschle voted year after year to use the Social Security Trust Fund.

5. If the predominate Democratic Congress had left the Social Security funds intact, we would have a health account � recall our 15 to 21 percent interest on investments at that time?

6. Daschle had his fellow Democrats voting (the night before Christmas when they adjourned) to pass a law to increase their pay automatically 2 percent yearly. At this moment he has an increase of $25,000 over his previous salary. Any member of Congress, (one term in Senate, three terms in House) has full pay the rest of their lives as well as a 2 percent increase yearly. It will cost us millions. They pay no income tax. Any member for six years, living anywhere gets full pay plus a 2 percent increase in salary yearly, as do the present members of Congress.

Daschle says he's helping the middle class. I call it fleecing the public, mostly the middle class. That is damaging to the middle class of people.

7. Daschle voted against grazing fees for ranchers, starting in 1992, voted many times against ethanol and now against wind power. That's not helping our state.

We must remember oil removed from the earth does not regrow itself ��it is gone. Lots of our oil rigs are closed, and the ocean is being drained of oil. The people of China have become auto buyers so their gas needs will mushroom.

We need other sources of power. Daschle has no ability to look ahead to the dangers � no Social Security, no "lid" on Congressional income, no help for sources of power and electricity.

We need a new face, new man, new ideas. Vote for Thune.

Mrs. Loren

"Midge" Carlson

Sioux Falls

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