Students go to polls Nov. 2 with ‘Kids Voting’ program

Students go to polls Nov. 2 with 'Kids Voting' program There will be kids voting at the armory in Vermillion at the Nov. 2 election, according to Lisa Vik, Kids Voting Vermillion coordinator.

"Kindergarten through high school students in the Vermillion School District have been participating in the voting process. USD law students have helped inform the high school students on the process during government class. The PTA helped the elementary students register to vote," she said.

Voting polls will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. High school students, USD students, parents and teachers will be at the armory staffing the polling place."

Kids Voting South Dakota is a private, non-partisan, non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to building a more informed generation of voters. The program begins with teachers incorporating the hands-on Kids Voting Curriculum in the classroom and culminates on Election Day when students go to official polling sites and cast their votes on the same candidates and issues as adults. The students vote in their own voting booths and the results are reported statewide.

The mission of Kids Voting South Dakota is to promote voter participation and to educate students regarding the voting process. The group strives to improve citizen involvement in democracy by preparing current and future generations of citizens for participation in their government.

Kids Voting started in South Dakota in 1992 with 6,500 students. This year 81,615 South Dakota students participated in Kids Voting. Some 6,000 teachers and 4,500 volunteers were involved. The program is sponsored in Vermillion by the W.O. Farber Center at The University of South Dakota.

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