Students must register by November 5 for ACT test

Students must register by November 5 for ACT test College-bound high school students can take the ACT Assessment on Dec. 11, the next national test date. The deadline for postmark registration is Nov. 5. The late registration deadline is Nov. 18 (an additional $15 fee is required for late registration). Students can get registration materials from their guidance counselor or they can register online at

ACT scores are accepted by virtually all colleges in the nation, including all Ivy League schools. The exam is administered in all 50 states. Students can find the closest testing location by searching on ACT's Web site.

Some students perform better on the ACT because it is based on achievement, not aptitude. The ACT exam includes four parts; English, reading, mathematics and science. It takes three hours to complete. The test fee is $28. Free sample tests are available from high school counselors and sample questions can be found on ACT's Web site, which also offers inexpensive practice tests.

Beginning in February, 2005, an optional writing test will be added to the ACT Assessment.

. Since many colleges will not require a writing score, students will only have to take the writing test if their college requires it. Otherwise, they may opt for the regular ACT Assessment without the writing test. Students who plan to start college in the fall of 2006 should check with prospective colleges to find out if a writing score is required.

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