Students raising funds for activities, uniforms

Students raising funds for activities, uniforms by Amber Skjonsberg Money, money, money is needed to help fund programs at Wakonda School. The juniors are planning for a prom. The cheerleaders need money for new Eagle uniforms, the new Lady Eagle basketball teams need support to attend summer camps. So, get out your checkbooks and write some goodwill.

With the football team already known as the Eagles, it was inevitable that the rest of the sports would be combined sooner or later. This will be the last year for Wakonda Warriors and Warriorettes; next year Wakonda and Irene will be combined in all sports as the Eagles.

With the new teams, all sports will have to get new uniforms with Eagle colors: blue, black and white. To help out with this new identity, Wakonda athletes are putting together some fund raisers.

The cheerleaders are selling candles for $14 a piece. They have all sorts of different scents including vanilla, spice apple, honeydew-melon and many others. They have a stand set up during the volleyball games.

The Wakonda Warriorettes are selling draw-string backpacks for $10 each. They have Eagle bags left. Contact Stacy Huber or Sue Morrison if you would like one.

There is enough room left on the bags for you to be able to have your name, sport number, year graduated, and anything else you would want on these bags. All the funding will be saved for this coming summer's sport camps for the Lady Eagles.

Although there are many fund raisers going to the Irene-Wakonda Eagles, there are also a few left for just Wakonda students.

The juniors are selling magazines again this year for prom. Magazines are a gift that keep on giving throughout the year. If you are interested in buying any magazines contact one of the juniors or call the school and ask for a junior advisor.

Remember Christmas is coming up real soon.

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