Tanager volleyball team has bad week

Tanager volleyball team has bad week by Jim Prosser On Tuesday, Oct. 19, and Thursday, Oct. 21, the Tanager varsity volleyball team fell on hard times in matches against Beresford and Dakota Valley.

"The ladies in red met a tough streak and were unable to prevail in either match," said coach Lenni Billberg. "Our inability to block their big hitters reduced us to a reactionary team rather than a pace setter. Our adjustments came too late to make a difference in the outcomes, but did show that with a few tweaks, we will be ready to face either team come playoff time."

Beresford score � 18-25, 20-25, 19-25.

"We changed our scheme mid-game to allow both Annie Carlson and Michelle Olson to block their big lefty," Billberg said. "It proved successful, but the departure from their regular positions left us reeling."

Carlson accounted for 16 passes, 13 attacks, 4 kills, 4 blocks, 5 digs, 7 service points, and 2 aces. Also leading the way offensively was Ellen Odson who produced 11 set assists. She also had 4 digs, 7 attacks, and 9 service points. Brittany Weydert contributed 8 P, 3 A, 2 D, 6 SP, 1 ace; Michelle Olson � 11 P, 19 A, 4 K, 4 D, 6 SP; Brittany Campbell had 13 A and 4 D and Ariel Hofman had 10 P and 4 D.

Dakota Valley score � 10-25, 19-25, 14-25.

"In this match, the luck seemed to fall against us," Billberg said. "We hit ball after ball into the top of the net tape. Not a single one rolled over to give us a break."

Significant individual Tanager stats were: Melissa Olson � 14 A, 3 K, 7 B, 1 D, 4 pos; Michelle Olson � 11 P, 17 A, 6 K, 5 D Carlson � 10 P, 31 A, 6 K, 10 D, 4 pos; Odson � 5 A, 3 D, 17 SA, 9 pos; Heather Walker � 14 P, 9 A, 3 K, 3 D, 5 SP, 1 ace; Ariel Hofman � 17 passes, 6 digs.

Team season record, 10-6.

"When we face the talented Panthers again in November, we will be ready," Billberg said.

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