Tanagers among runners in Big Eight Conference meet

Tanagers among runners in Big Eight Conference meet by Jim Prosser Five schools were represented at the Big Eight cross country meet in Hartford on Monday, Oct. 4, with competition in both boys' and girls' varsity and JV divisions.

Boys' varsity teams' finishes � Lennox, 19; Madison, 41; Dell Rapids, 46; Vermillion and West Central, 61 each. (Note: Dell Rapids was invited to join the member teams of the Big Eight for the meet.

Varsity Tanager placers were: Chad Teigen, ninth; Andrew Manning, 13th; Chris Teigen, 16th; C.J. Harden, 23rd; and D.J. Donahoe, 27th.

In the JV division, Tanager placers were: Brody Stone, 10th; Raleigh Tiahrt, 16th; Dan Day, 26th; Sam Robinson, 27th; Toney Huber 28th; and Tevin Boehrus, 29th.

For the girls' varsity team finishes: Dell Rapids Public, 28; West Central, 29; Vermillion, 40; Lennox 54; and Madison, 82.

Tanager placers were: Katarina Gombosz, first (16:31); Emily Renner, second; Rebecca Girlinghouse, 15th; and Morgan Brooks, 22nd.

JV Tanager results: Sarah Day, third; Amber Falud, 18th; Julie Renner, 22nd; Steffani Donahoe, 23rd; Kate Renner, 25th; and Samantha Cooper, 29th.

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