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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Lady golfers end season

Our last hurrah for the ladies on Wednesday, Sept. 27 was a pleasant typical fall day that 16 golf players enjoyed. Pat Pratt and Lynn Hatle were in charge of the game which was flag prizes.

The back nine was played and every hole has a different placement for the flag. There were several winners but the shot of the day was Dorothy Dahlman's putt on the 11th hole ��it was 70 feet long. Good going, Dorothy; you'll have that to dream on.

There was extra money available and this was given for different happenings during the year. Everyone received an envelope with a bill or two in it!

Cherry Street Grille served 36 ladies potato bar with meat and veggies. Dessert was cake served by Deannie Christopherson, Doris Mitchell and Reidella Engman.

Pat Steckelberg has charge of our meeting. We had two guests, Sarah Brown and Erika Iverson.

A sign-up sheet was passed around for people to sign to help serve for next year. A discussion was held on perhaps changing lunch time for next year.

Happy Birthday was sung to Dody Eicher. Thanks was given by Babe Hurowitz and Eileen Turner. Five dollar drawing winners were Helen Brown, Ellie Davis, JoAnne Beringer and Fritz Lefler, Vaneta Youngworth and Dody Eicher.

Special thanks was given to all who served dessert and to Cherry Street Grille for being so reliable.

There were two tables of quiet domino players. Mary Bartles was in charge. Babe Hurowitz was low, Dody Potter high, and Pat Pratt won the traveling prize for a double blank.

Mary Bartels gave a report on all the special prizes and happenings that had taken place during the year. They were a busy bunch.

Glennis Stewart was in charge of bridge � first, Reidella Engman, second, Thelma Raines, third, Meryl Reed, fourth, Jan Uhl.

Sad to see our Wednesdays end but we can all plan on next year.

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