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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Seniors enjoy great golf day

Sept. 28 thirty-eight seniors gathered at The Bluffs for golf on a cool morning, no clouds and no wind. By tee time it had warmed up to rate it as one of the season's best days for golf, a great fall day. Scores were low as expected.

Our winners had a 35 and we congratulate Harlan Schott, Cleland Cook and Vern Christensen for this great round. Other prize winners were at 35, Van Pierce, Jim Reed, Dick Gregory and Bill Rasmussen: Four teams followed at 36 with Mo Marcotte, Jim Grabowski and Jack Stewart then Alan Clem, Rich Morse and Maurice Erickson; Dave Bak, Ken Beringer and Vern Holter and finally Bob Boone, Elmer Mount and Joe Conroy.

Our final winners at 37 were Jim Stewart, Lloyd Helseth and Howard Connors.

There were 12 birdies recorded by the seniors this date. Our shot-of-the-day nominees are Jim Grabowski for a 33-foot putt for par on #7, Dave Bak for his approach on #7 to within three feet of the cup from 210 yards away for an easy birdie, Joe Conroy for a 27-foot birdie putt on #8 and Ross Johnson for a 39-foot birdie putt on #5.

We enjoyed a visit from a news team for Channel Four in Sioux City covering seniors' golf with conversation and news shots of our play this date. Jon Beringer, son of Ken and Joanne, was a member of the news team.

Our play next week will be on Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 1 p.m. sharp. Seniors' meals available at 11:30 a.m. See you then for fun golf.

Faithful friends help Rula

Sept. 22 started as a foggy morning, but cleared to be a good golf day. Some players shied away from coming with regret.

Helen Brown and JoAnne Beringer were in charge of the six ladies that played the dice game. The dies didn't cause any trouble but Rula Hatch's car stopped. There were good, faithful helpers that pitched in and got things going.

Winners were Karine Amundson, 16; Rula Hatch, 25; Helen Brown, 25. Edith Nelson chipped in for a par on #17 and Pat Steckelberg and Mary Lee Hennies also played.

Cherry Street Grille served 23 ladies chicken casserole and a delicious dessert was served by Helen Brown and JoAnne Beringer. Pat Steckelberg chaired our meeting. A sheet was sent out for people who would be interested in helping with the Boys State A golf tournament. Pat sent get well cards to members.

The $5 drawing went to Jayne Merrigan and Dorothy Dahlman won $15 because previous members whose names were called but were absent. Some discussion was made to do some changes � results will come later. No visitors.

Helen Brown read a couple golf stories. Thanks, Helen.

Pat Berglund had charge of bridge ��High was Thelma Dud, second High, Pat Berglund. Bid of 5 clubs was made by Robin Eisenmenger � Travel prize � mock passes. Sign up, Reidella Engman.

Just had a bad thought � Wednesday, Sept. 29 is our last meeting. Guess that's how it goes when fall comes.

Seniors master Bluffs greens

There were 36 seniors who knew that the fall months were great for golf at The Buffs. They enjoyed fine weather and played good golf on a fine day Sept. 7.

Our winners scored three birdies in posting a winning score of 34. We congratulate Harlan Schott, Bob Solomon and Maurice Erickson for this fine effort.

The other prize winners this date were, at 35, Alan Clem, Ken Beringer and Gene Iverson. There were two teams at 37, Mo Marcotte, Max Andersen and Ted VanBruggen, along with Bob Boone, Jack Stewart and Quentin Oleson.

Three teams had 39 totals. They were Van Pierce, Jim Reed and Jack Doyle; Shorty Hanson, Rod Tieman and Tim O'Connor; and Pete Berglund, Bob Lund and Duncan McGregor.

The back nine yielded 11 birdies to the seniors, all of them hard earned this date.

Next week we play again at 9:30 a.m. with coffee and rolls available at 8:30 a.m.

We honor our putters for our shot-of-the-day awards this week. Gene Iverson had a 30-foot birdie on #12, Max Andersen had a 28-foot birdie putt on #18, Maurice Erickson had a 24-foot birdie putt on #17, Bob Solomon had a 22-foot birdie putt on #10. Good putting men!

The fine condition of the greens helped these good putts.

Men's League final tourney report

The league championship was won by Bluffs Boys over Frist National in a tie-breaking first playoff hole.

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