USD among top 25 most connected campuses

USD among top 25 most connected campuses In recognition of its innovative use of technology on campus, The University of South Dakota was ranked in The Princeton Review's list of "The Top 25 Most Connected Campuses" published on for the second year in a row.

To determine the rankings for America's Most Connected Campuses, The Princeton Review solicited data from 357 top colleges and universities around the country, asking them 20 questions about the technological sophistication of their campuses. The Review made several changes in their survey from last year, adding questions ranging from whether a school offers network access in dorm lounges to if it has a computer ethics policy in place.

As a result of those changes the rankings have changed radically since last year. The University of South Dakota is one of only four schools in 2003's top 25 to remain on the list.

Some of the more heavily weighted factors include the ratio of computers to students; whether the school has a wireless network; whether students can register for classes online; and whether the school streams video or audio of courses online.

The University of South Dakota knows that to attract the best students, a school needs to offer the best infrastructure possible:

* Every student who lives in campus housing has their own dedicated high-speed Internet connection.

* With over five computer labs and over 800 campus computers and workstations, the university boasts a student/computer ratio of about 16:1. In addition, about 90 percent have their own computer.

* USD offers nearly 300 courses online and has multiple "smart classrooms" in 22 buildings across campus.

* USD has wireless Internet access throughout most of campus.

* Students can register for classes and get their class schedules, rosters and grades online.

* 100 percent of faculty at USD are connected to the Internet.

The Top 25 Connected Colleges, as ranked by The Princeton Review on, are:

1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; 2. Bryant University; 3. DePauw University; 4. Temple University; 5. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; 6. Cornell University; 7. Duquesne University; 8. The Catholic University of America; 9. University of Pennsylvania; 10. University of Georgia; 11. University of Rhode Island; 12. Rochester Institute of Technology; 13. SUNY at Buffalo; 14. Hofstra University; 15. Kansas State University; 16. University of Colorado, Boulder; 17. The University of South Dakota; 18. Fairfield University; 19. University of North Dakota; 20. University of Vermont; 21. Boston University; 22. Ursinus College; 23. St. Mary's College of Maryland; 24. Bradley University; 25. Suffolk University.

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