Volleyball team rebounds with win against EP/J

Volleyball team rebounds with win against EP/J by Jim Prosser The VHS varsity volleyball team entertained the Elk Point Huskies, winning a five-game match with scores 18-25, 25-23, 18-25, 25-19, and 15-10 for a 3-2 victory on Tuesday, Sept. 14 in the VHS gym.

In the JV preliminary the junior varsity won 2-1 by 19-25, 25-19, 15-7.

Coach Jerred recognized the following players for the match: Leading attacks � Paige Prosser and Nicole Orr � 3 kills each; Blocks, Krista Froke � 3, Prosser, 2; Digs, Kristina Blythe � 15, Froke � 6; Serves, Annie Roche � 14/16 (2 aces); Kinsey Weydert � 6/6, Becky Hanson � 15/16 (1 ace); Weydert recorded 15 set assists and Roche was the leading passer.

Head coach Lenni Billberg was happy with the varsity's performance.

"A true team effort and a capitalization on EP/J's errors allowed the Tanagers to steal a win from the Huskies," she said. "Sophomores Krista Froke and Brittni Stewart played pivotal roles when we needed them the most, stepping into a tight game and making a huge difference. Melissa Olson and Annie Carlson played their best defense of the year and Brittany Weydert played her best varsity front row. Though the victory was slow in coming, it will be used as a building block to our continued success."

In the match � Melissa Olson registered 2 B, 15 sv pts, 23 A, 11 P, 11 K, and 12 digs. Annie Carlson had 18 P, 21 A, 8 K, 31 D, 20 sv pts, and 1 ace. Michelle Olson had 10 P, 21 A, 8 K, 2 B, 13 D, 26 p-o-s, and 6 aces; Ellen Odson recorded 24 set assists, 15 sv pts, 2 B, and 10 D. Britt Weydert had 7 D, 2 B, 13 sv pts, 1 ace; Heather Walker had 8 P, 11 A, 3 K, 2 B, 20 D, 10 sv pts.

With the win, the team has a season 4-6 record.

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