Vote no on Initiative #1 to prevent tax increases

Vote no on Initiative #1 to prevent tax increases by Gov. Mike Rounds Proponents of Initiative #1 claim a repeal of the sales tax on food will help the poor, but over 24,000 low income families are already getting refunds on the taxes they pay on food.

Low income children receive free lunches in school and their families also receive food stamps for other meals. None of this food is taxed. So, much of the poor's food isn't taxed and they can get refunds on the food that is.

Unfortunately, if the repeal passes, we will lose $60 million every year that are used to help pay for the medical care of children, those living with a disability, and the elderly who are living in nursing homes. Some of this money also funds your local schools.

So, this $60 million loss every year will hurt the poor and needy more than help them.

$18 million of the loss will be suffered directly by towns. That will cause local cuts or local property tax increases.

When these very real problems were described, the proponents first advocated wiping out the property tax reduction fund, raiding our emergency reserves and then spending our children's trust funds. That's irresponsible and jeopardizes property tax reductions already in place.

Then, proponents advocated raising your sales taxes on items like toothpaste, diapers and everything else that isn't food!

Don't let the proponents hurt people with cuts or raise other taxes on you. Don't let them force an increase in your local property taxes.

That's why I'm asking you to please Vote NO on Initiative #1. Help us hold your property taxes down.

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