Women’s Midday Connection will meet on Oct. 12

Women's Midday Connection will meet on Oct. 12 The Women's Midday Connection will be meeting Tuesday, Oct. 12, at the Centerville Legion Hall for a noon luncheon.

Phyllis Sternquist will demonstrate some holiday centerpiece ideas.

The speaker this month is Elsie Gregory from Gering, NE. She is a "do-it-yourselfer" who survived remodeling her bathroom.

This month's recipe request is something that reminds you of Christmas or a special family recipe that you have every year during the holidays.

For reservations please call Wilhelmina Jorgenson at 326-5562, Jan Stevens at 563-2821, or Lois Lounsbery at 763-5284 by Oct. 8.

HEAD:Clubs Bushnell is Rotary guest Prudence Bushnell, the dean of the Leadership and Management School at the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, VA, addressed the Vermillion Rotary Club at its noon luncheon Oct. 7 at the Al Neuharth Media Center. Bushnell is a career diplomat who most recently served as United States ambassador to the Republics of Guatemala (1999-2002) and Kenya (1996-1999). Prior to her appointment to Kenya, Bushnell was the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for African affairs in Washington, DC. "I am one of 5,000 to 7,000 members of the foreign service that carry our country's grand old flag around the globe," she said. "We have a mission of promoting a more secure, democratic world. We represent your interests globally." Working with the foreign service isn't the most glamorous profession in the world. Nor is it the safest. "We are coming under increasing security attacks," she said. Bushnell was serving as ambassador to Kenya in 1998 when the U.S. embassy there was blown up by Osama Bin Laden. She fortunately wasn't injured. "We spent the next 10 months reconstructing our organization," she said. "It became clear at that point that we cannot put people in harm's way without providing them certain leadership skills. Secretary (of State) Powell has mandated leadership training specifically focused on dealing with what is important during times of crisis." Other challenges, Bushnell said, lie with the nature of foreign service work. "We who are in the foreign service move every two or three years," she said. "We have over 200 branch offices around the world. So an ambassador will work with a team of people that will be in place one year." She earlier held positions in Bombay, India; the Foreign Service Institute; and served twice in Dakar, Senegal. Before joining the Foreign Service in 1981, Bushnell enjoyed a successful career in management and leadership training. Bushnell's professional contributions have been recognized through the Department of State's Distinguished Honor Award, the Nairobi Mission Award for Heroism, and numerous meritorious and superior honor awards. The Department of Commerce presented her its "Peace through Commerce" Award; Glamour magazine named her one of the "Top Ten Women of the Year," (1998); and Vanity Fair magazine featured her in its 1998 Hall of Fame. Bushnell's written works on leadership have been published by the Cambridge University Press and the Foreign Service Journal. She is also a frequent speaker on issues of terrorism and leadership. Guests at the Rotary luncheon were former S.D. Supreme Court Justice Robert Amundson, Phil Mirecki, Dick Buckley, Ms. Bushnell's husband, and Mary Pat Bierle, a new instructor in USD's political science department. Rotarians hear legislative candidates The Vermillion Rotarians, President Kent Scribner presiding, met Sept. 28 for our weekly lunch at the Neuharth Center. Guests from Vermillion High School were Erin and Kelsie Austin. Sergeant-at-Arms Al Pravecek found a new ruse for shaking money out of our pockets, and in a very short time period, so that we could proceed to a large program for our none too large time slot. And that program was ? Democracy in action, or something like that. Lynn Van Koch, president of the Political Science League, a student group at USD, had arranged for us to have all six candidates for the SD Legislature front and center where they could present something of what they saw as the most important issues that the legislature will have to deal with. Judy Clark and Ben (BJ) Nesselhuf are contending for the state Senate seat. Jamie Boomgarden, James Johnson, John Reedy, and Donna Schaefer are running for the two seats in the state House. Each had the opportunity to set out for us some of their positions ? that is, as much as they could fit into a four minute period. Issues raised ranged from education to health care to environmental problems and historical preservation to how to deal with demographics of a de-populating countryside and up-populating cities. The candidates could obviously have talked a good deal longer on many issues. And it was obvious that questioning from Rotarians could have gone on for some time as well. The issue of the proposed repeal of the sales tax on food, all by itself, might have taken us the day. But at least this discussion was an improvement on 30 second ads. Frustrating as the time restraints were, it was a useful frustration. 4-H club will consider name change The Jolly Juniorettes 4-H club met on Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. at the 4-H building kitchen. Sarah Anderson, president, opened the meeting. Ellen Hanson led the Pledge of Allegiance and Emily Holoch led the 4-H pledge. The roll call topic was what was the best part of the fair. No secretary's report was read. Emily Holoch read the treasurer's report. Fruit sale money was handed out. Ellen Hanson was top seller, Emily Holoch was second. No bills were presented. Old Business: A thank you was given to all those who helped at the fair. A reminder was given for all members to pick up their fair exhibits. New Business: A thank you was given for those who brought food pantry donations, the club's September community food service project. Deadlines and dates for the September paint and watercolor class was given; an example was shown. Emily Holoch told club members about some previous experiences she has had in this instructor's classes. A reminder was given that the 4-H books/journals and award applications were due Sept. 15 to the club leaders. Emily Holoch handed out pictures to anyone who wanted them. Austin Krier asked to discuss changing the club's name. Further discussion will occur at the October meeting. Club members were asked to share any ideas they had on planning the 2004/2005 club calendar. There were numerous good suggestions. A reminder was given to bring two to three small to medium size exhibits per member to the Extension office to be put in a display case at the library the week of Sept. 24. Emily Holoch and Connie Holoch will arrange the display. A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Emily Holoch; Tia Krier seconded it. Emily Holoch gave a demonstration "Caramel Breakfast Ring." Lunch was then provided by Emily Holoch. The next club meeting will be on Tuesday, Oct. 12, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the 4-H building, with trash pickup around the fairgrounds. Theresa Dendinger will give a demonstration. Austin Krier will present a judging school. Election of officers will take place at this meeting. Colleen will send out a reminder about the October meeting and will list what to bring for the October Community Service.

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