Check It Out

Check It Out by Anne Marshall New Adult Non-Fiction

When Freddie Boyce's foster mother died in the winter of 1949, he was subjected to rudimentary IQ testing and then sent to a state institution for the feeble minded. There, along with other relatively normal state boys, he would endure neglect, abuse, terror and live without hope of ever being free again. Programs such as this existed in almost every state and continued into the 1970s. The State Boys Rebellion, by Michael D'Antonio, is the true, dramatic, and meticulously researched story of Fred Boyce and a group of boys who never accepted their incarceration at the Fernald State School in Massachusetts and insisted they were normal.

A few lucky women have been born with "style," but for most of us, it is something that comes with time and experience. Above all, style begins with a sense of who you are and your self-confidence. Style comes from opening yourself to the world around you to books, movies, art, music, travel and especially other people. Browse through author Kate Spade's little guide titled simply, Style.

In late January 1998, after a miserable stretch of fishing that hadn't paid for even their groceries, the crew of a 79-year-old Alaskan schooner, the La Conte, risked one last run to the Fairweather Grounds, despite the approach of bad weather. Their fishing luck was good, but they stayed out too long and a hurricane-force Arctic storm caught them. Now eight months later, a forensics investigator has become obsessed with learning the identity of a body washed ashore. Learn what happened to this fishing crew in Todd Lewan's The Last Run: A True Story of Rescue and Redemption on the Alaskan Seas.

Online Book Club

The Online Book Club Chapter-a-Day offers many selections to Internet patrons. Each book will run five days (Monday through Friday), with a new book starting every Monday. Check out this service by registering at the library's Web site,, and clicking on the book club logo. The following selections are for the week of Nov. 15:

Audio Book: No selection for this week.

Business: The Coward's Guide to Conflict, Tim Ursiny.

Fiction: Step Ball Change, by Jeanne Ray.

Good News: Invisible, by Lorena McCourtney.

Horror: No selection for this week.

Mystery: Full Blast, by Janet Evanovich.

Non-Fiction: Lone-Star Nation, by H.W. Brands.

Pre-Pub: No selection for this week.

Romance: The Pirate Hunter, by Jennifer Ashley.

Science Fiction: No selection for this week.

Teen Book: The Creek, by Jennifer Holm.

The Online Book Club would love to hear from the Vermillion Public Library patrons at the following Web address: If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the Online Book Club or the new format, please send them your feedback at

Discover New Trails @ Your Library

Celebrate Children's Book Week at the Vermillion Public Library. Throughout the week of Nov. 15-18 a variety of activities will be available for school-age children. On Monday, Nov. 15 we will be hosting a poster party to create a poster displaying your favorite book. Participants will vote for the best creation with the winner receiving a prize at the CBW party on Thursday.

Join us for snacks and quiet reading time on Tuesday, Nov. 16. Bring books, comics, etc. to read, but not homework! Board games will be set up in the community room on Wednesday for the Million Minute Family Challenge. Get set for the finish-up CBW party on Thursday with play story starter games, treats, prize award and more. Call the library for more information at 677-7060.

The Vermillion Public Library will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 25 for Thanksgiving. This is a legal holiday. Materials may be returned in the book drop and the A/V drop located in the parking lot on the south side of the library building.

If you ordered the VPL book Women and Wine: The Making of the Vermillion Public Library in a Man's World, 1903-2003, please pick up your copy at the library. There are still copies available for purchase. This publication would make a great Christmas gift.

for that special reader!

The South Dakota Library Network has switched from PALS to a new program called ALEPH. Please be patient with us as we learn the ins and outs of the new system. Patron instruction for ALEPH will be conducted during our Family Night on Nov. 22.

The library is hosting a quilt show displaying a large variety of works. This exhibit will run from Monday, Nov. 29 through Dec. 13. More information will be printed later in the month.

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