Clubs Politics discussed at Rotary meeting

The Vermillion Rotarians, President Kent Scribner presiding, met for their weekly lunch at the Neuharth Center. Guests Nov. 2 from Vermillion High School were Alan Boss, Sarah Christopherson and Krystal Clark. Guests of a riper age were Paul Krueger and Mary Vickrey. Because today is election day our program focused on that quadrennial event deploying some local pundits to comment on what's going on, up, and down. Jack Marsh, our moderator, drew out Alan Clem, Ted Muenster and Bill Richardson, who come by their punditry through some considerable background and certification in political science, on what to expect and how to explain the election, particularly the South Dakota slice of this year's election. "South Dakota values" were much in evidence as the conversation turned first to the unseemly high level of expenditures in the campaigns this year. Not really much bang for the buck was the widely expressed attitude. The buck also figured in a theory which might explain the propensity of South Dakota voters to send tax and spend liberals (a.k.a. Democrats) to Washington while sending stingy conservatives (a.k.a. Republicans) to Pierre. That's because we run a very favorable balance of trade, tax and spend-wise, with Washington and we may as well send people who are not so put off by pork barrel projects to the place where it is canned to make sure we get our out-sized, subsidized shipments. And we'll need that Washington pork because the skinflint Republicans we send to Pierre will not be wheeling much pork back from there. It all makes a kind of sense. On the particularly prominent Daschle-Thune race our pundits were required to make a prediction. The verdict? Incredibly close, with two (unannounced, but we know our local people, Republicans) calling it for Thune, and one (known to be a Democrat) calling it for Daschle. We'll soon see. Please, let it be soon.

Auxiliary sponsors essay contest

The VFW Auxiliary to Clay Post #3061 sponsored as essay contest for all fifth graders in Clay County called "Why It Is Important to Vote." They also sponsored another essay contest for all sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students in Clay County called "What Service to our Country Means to Me." Dorothy Lane, Americanism chairman, reported the following winners. Fifth-grade winners were: 1. Shelby Gregoire, daughter of Troy and Chris Gregoire of Vermillion. 2. Bethany Hansen, daughter of Jack and Karen Hansen of Vermillion. 3. Taylor Geu, son of Tom and Carol Geu of Vermillion. Grade six: 1. Douglas Kronaizl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Denis Kronaizl of Vermillion. Grade seven: 1. Justin Polley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Polley of Wakonda. Grade eight: 1. Megan Book, daughter of Trudy Book of Wakonda. All students were awarded a monetary gift. The essays of the sixth, seventh and eighth grade will go to the district contest for further competition.

Master Gardeners gather for potluck

Clay County Master Gardeners met at the 4-H Center kitchen at 6 p.m. Oct. 28 for a potluck meeting. Present were Tom Vogel, Tom and Sharon Allen, Jim and Ruth Williams, Roberta Iverson, Denny and Brenda Martens. After the meal, Allen called the meeting to order. Members showed their favorite garden tools and explained where and how they were used. Our first meeting in 2005 will be Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. at the 4-H Center. Vermillion Beautiful is planning on more shrubs for next year. Allen offered to research salt resistant shrubs that could be used. Discussion was held on the Plant Sale/Quilt Show on the first Saturday in May. The plant sale will start at 9 a.m. The quilt show will go from 9 a.m. until after lunch. Members will contact people who quilt and invite them to participate. Any age and any type quilt will be welcome.

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