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FSA Notes by Keith Zanter Loan Deficiency Payments (LDPs)

LDPs are available for 2004 produced crops if the Posted County Price (PCP) falls below the County Loan rate. The CCC-709 (Field Direct) LDP request form must be completed by crop, prior to harvest for crops that are harvested and hauled directly to the elevator for immediate sale, or are immediately fed.

The CCC-633 LDP request form covers farm stored grain or grain put under open elevator storage (when a CCC-709 has not been filed, or specified for immediate sale on the CCC-709). The LDP payment rate is based on the day the CCC-633 LDP is requested in the administering FSA Office.

Producers who have harvested commodities other than for grain (silage, hay) can request an LDP on CCC-633 prior to feeding the crop.

Reminder, once you have completed harvest the CCC-709 "field direct" LDP request becomes null and void. Therefore, before hauling grain to the warehouse or delivery point, you will need to request an LDP on form CCC-633.

Unfortunately each year participants lose payments because paperwork is not timely filed. Don't let this happen to you!! Please call if you have questions.

2005 Crop Year Signup for the Direct and

Counter-Cyclical Program

The office is taking applications for the 2005 crop year Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program (DCP). Participants are required to sign the CCC-509 annually. All owners will need to sign the contract unless we have a cash lease statement on file.

When updating the 2005 contract, owners and operators may elect to receive the advance direct payments any time from December 2004 through September 2005. The "Direct Payment" for a participating farm is guaranteed provided all program provision requirements are met.

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Participants have the option to request an advance "Counter-Cyclical Payment" on their base acreage crops. Participants who elected to take an advance on the 2005 may request a 35 percent payment in October and an additional 35 percent may be requested in February. The final payment (if earned) would be issued in October of 2006 for the 2005 crop year.

Farm changes for 2005

Please contact our office to update your farm records if you will have changes in your farming operation as to the acres leased, purchased or sold. Many situations will result in reconsitution, which the office will need to have completed before you are able to sign-up the farm or to receive a payment.

New Ewe Lamb Program

Sheep producers can now apply for a federal ewe-lamb replacement and retention program.

USDA has announced an $18 million program to enhance the competitiveness of the domestic lamb and sheep industry and re-establish producers' purchasing power. The Ewe Lamb Replacement and Retention Program will pay producers for ewe lambs purchased or retained between Aug. 1, 2003, and July 31, 2004. Because funding for the program is limited to $18 million, the $18 payment rate is subject to available funding.

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