Johnson named October Employee of the Month

Johnson named October Employee of the Month Carolyn Johnson, criminal justice studies secretary at The University of South Dakota, has been selected as the Career Service Employee of the Month for October. University of South Dakota President James W. Abbott presented the award during a celebration on Oct. 29.

During the celebration, Johnson was praised by others in her department for her energy, effort and hard work on behalf of students.

Johnson said she enjoys her work and is grateful to receive the award.

"I want to thank everyone who had a hand in this," Johnson said. "It's an honor that I will treasure."

Johnson was nominated by several professors in the criminal justice department including Dean Spader, Mike Roche, Lila Rucker, and John Gehm.

"Carolyn is an integral part of our department. Her keen eye for detail and sense of logical flow in the formation of ideas aid in her willingness to edit. Her mastery of grammar and punctuation prove her an in valuable resource," Rucker said.

Spader, director of criminal justice studies, greatly appreciates the hard work Johnson does for both faculty and students.

"Carolyn is a very competent, diligent, and responsible colleague. I especially notice the welcoming attitude she offers students who come to her office, and I believe that all students leave with their requests fulfilled. She works well in our program and has performed her responsibilities to provide professional and swift assistance to all students. I am very grateful for Carolyn's skills and presence in our department."

Johnson and her husband James have lived in Vermillion for 32 years. They have two sons � one an attorney in Nebraska and the other in law school at the University of Minnesota. Johnson has worked at the university for nearly 15 years, 13 of them in the political science department.

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