Letters Thanks, Virginia

To the editor:

We would like to recognize Virginia Delvaux for all of the years of help and support that she has given to our county 4-H program. She has done many things for us, such as coming to our club to help us with our books and our officer election.

She has not only done her job, but she also took over for Ron Thaden when he retired a few years ago until his replacement arrived. We would just like to say thank you for everything you've done.

With all your years to come we wish you the best of luck! Don't be shy to come to any of our meetings; you are always welcome!

Meckling Livestock 4-H Club

Continuous searches

To the editor:

As a former Clay County resident, I sympathize with the families of the girls who vanished in 1971. I know they would like closure to this case.

I also feel the family whose farm has been searched at least twice now need some peace and quiet in their lives.

In short, I hope this case winds down soon, so all families concerned can get on with their lives.

Cathy Bell

Hastings, NE

Let's work for common good

My dear Mr. Lias:

The attack on you mentioned in your editorial of the Nov. 12 Plain Talk was one more sickening thing about this past election. Also the venom spouted and the horrendous amount of money spent by both parties.

It is time everyone started remembering we are one nation hopefully working for the common good. Let's all show some of the touted Christian charity to one another.


Carroll Colwell


Adopt freedom's spirit

To the editor:

In honor of more than 2,800 American "heroes" from 9/11 and more than 1,200 Americans killed in the Iraq War, it is time to come together again as

Americans ? and be united as we were following the 9/11 attacks. We don't need to attack our fellow Americans with nasty notes left anonymously.

Do you remember? I remember because I taped the Tribute To Heroes concert that raised money for the victims and families of the victims of the 9/11/01 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the men and women and children who died on board the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

We came together as a nation that night to pay tribute ? let's not forget!

Everytime I get depressed about my family's economic condition and the lack of good-paying jobs with health-care coverage here in Vermillion, I think of the brave men and women who died on that tragic day, and the men and women serving in Iraq, and I thank my God for them.

These men and women confront evil on a daily basis, and they fight for our freedoms, especially for our freedom of expression. We must learn to respectfully disagree with our editorial and letter writers, in the spirit of that freedom that we enjoy.

In this season of Thanksgiving, let's never forget that we are thankful for living in the greatest nation on Earth, and show peace and love to each other, once again.


John Skilbred


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