Letters USD Loyalty

To the editor:

I would like to start out by saying that I was a loyal staff member at USD. I helped out my co-workers when asked, assisted at special events setting up, went out of my way to spend a day on weekends to help out when needed, whatever was asked of me, I did it, to help out, be a nice guy. Well I would like to let you know where that loyalty got me.

I recently applied for a job at the university that would have been a promotion. I thought well I have been here long enough, dedicated nine years, worked hard, I should try and better myself, get more pay. Silly me! Let me tell you, I wasn't even given an interview for the position! I truly have tried for other positions, too, and weren't even considered either.

Instead of promoting the great staff they already have, supervisors and HR choose to consider other people outside of USD and this is wrong; loyal staff isn't even given a chance! Half of the supervisors who have been here for numerous years are only here and gotten to where they are because someone before them gave them the opportunity, someone else realized their hard work and dedication to USD meant something, but I guess not anymore.

It makes a person wonder why they should be loyal to your job when this is the way you are repaid.


Keith Thompson


Reader writes to Sen. Daschle

To the editor:

A letter to Sen. Tom Daschle:

Dear Senator Daschle:

This is a letter from the heart and soul. It is a thank you, a congratulatory and praising note. Written after the 2004 election.

First I need to thank you for serving the people of South Dakota so stalwartly and tenaciously for the past years. Brings to mind the old saying "You don't know what you've got til it's gone!" I have steadfastly been a supporter, since your early days in the political arena.

You need to be congratulated for your exemplary use of the office to which you were elected. You have been and still are a most integral part of our country's political system and a blessing to the state of South Dakota.

And praise ? perhaps the preceding statements are a part of this as well. You have never wavered in your fight to stand tall for the people of South Dakota and our nation. You were our protector and friend. In plain and simple language, "We were gosh darn lucky to have you representing us!"

You will be sadly missed, however, with such a shining light as yours, I feel it will shine in other areas where it is so badly needed.

I consider myself one of those "lucky" individuals to live in a state which has been under the wisdom and leadership of one of the best!

I am sure I speak for many others in this state when I wish you godspeed and "Don't be a stranger!"

Oh, remember the last half of the line I quoted above about "You don't know what you've got ?"? I think the rest of the line stating "They paved paradise to put up a parking lot" fits!!! Thank you, Senator.

Vikki Eilts


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