Masterworks will expand with facility in Vermillion

Masterworks will expand with facility in Vermillion The Vermillion Chamber of Commerce & Development Company is pleased to announce the arrival of Masterworks.

The Minneapolis Company is expanding its operation with a new facility in Vermillion.

Masterworks assembles and packages kits for sales and distribution and for Polaris' assembly line.

The company will begin operations with 8 to 10 employees and will expand as additional work requires.

Initially, Masterworks-Vermillion will only do work for Polaris, however they will be looking for additional contracts from area manufacturers.

John Storm, the Polaris plant manager, is excited to have Masterworks in Vermillion. Polaris has had a long relationship with the company, and only expects that Masterworks will do more work in the future.

The company will be located in the former PEM building, on the north side of the Highway 50 bypass, which it has leased from CorTrust Bank's Community Development Corporation. CorTrust is pleased to have a part in the growth of Vermillion's service sector.

According to Tim Glader, the executive director of Masterworks, the new plant manager in Vermillion will be Jerry Barrett.

Glader also expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce & Development Company and for the assistance provided by the state of South Dakota.

Glader noted that the state's Governor's Office of Economic Development and the local community worked aggressively to meet their needs.

"We are very happy that Masterworks has made a decision to expand their operations in Vermillion. We have enjoyed working with Tim and Jerry from Masterworks, CorTrust, and Polaris, over the past several months," said Lisa Ketcham, executive director of the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce and Development Company. "Masterworks will be a great new addition to our community, and we are also pleased that, through this project, Polaris, as an existing industry, will also benefit by having one of their partners located so closely to them.

"We are looking forward to continuing a great partnership with Masterworks in the future," she said.

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