SDPB will air AIDS programs

SDPB will air AIDS programs On Wednesday, Dec. 1, SDPB Television will air two special programs related to World AIDS Day. This year is the 17th annual international day of action on HIV and AIDS.

There are 950,000 people in the United States living with AIDS, but South Dakota has one of the lowest numbers of reported AIDS cases in the nation. SDPB TV's South Dakota Focus will tackle the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS during a special Wednesday program at 8 p.m. Host Richard Muller talks to the experts about what is being done to prevent more occurrences of the disease, as well as answer viewer questions.

To submit a question to South Dakota Focus, call 1-877-TALK-PTV before or during the show or e-mail the program at

In June 2001, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a devastating report stating that HIV/AIDS had increased to epidemic proportions in certain populations. At 9 p.m. AIDS at 21, a penetrating documentary based on the report, will look at the rise of the

disease and the struggle to stop it.

For information on these or other SDPB programs, call 1-800-456-0766 or go to

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