Students become sculptors thanks to visiting artist

Students become sculptors thanks to visiting artist by Amber Skjonsberg Every year the Wakonda Art Boosters, SDAC, and the Community Club help to sponsor an artist in residence to visit Wakonda School. This year the students are being visited by ceramic sculptor Randall Blaze.

Blaze graduated from the University of Montana � Missoula with a degree in fine arts. He has received over 80 prestigious national awards in over three decades. Blaze has been working with ceramics for 20 years and doesn't seem to be getting bored. The students loved all the unique ideas that he came up with.

"It's mentally rewarding to have an idea and then hand-form it into a design," said Blaze. "The worst thing about working with clay," he continued, "is having a piece blow-up in the kiln after spending a week working on it."

This is probably something the students will experience first hand. Within the next week or two Mrs. Book and Angie Grider will help the students take all their sculptures to Irene where their works can be heated in a kiln.

Blaze helped each class make pots, lizards, and faces out of clay. Each face the students made was attached to a giant pot Blaze made while he was attending Wakonda. This piece, along with others he made while on his visit, will be donated to the Wakonda Public Library.

If you would like to see some of Blaze's work you may go to the Wakonda Library or visit the Oglala Art Center near Hermosa. At the art center K-12 students can participate in an inter-curriculum workshop.

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