Tanagers’ volleyball team ends season

Tanagers' volleyball team ends season by Jim Prosser On Nov. 5, the Tanager varsity volleyball team ended its season with a loss to Dakota Valley in the District 8 championship game.

"Losing is never a good way to close out a season, but the effort displayed Friday night marked a team that did everything within their capabilities to win," said coach Lennie Billberg. "With a four-game season high 89 digs, and a passing percentage of 2.25, the team laid their hearts on their sleeves and battled like a destined team. Unfortunately, victory was not in our favor this night."

The four-game match had scores of 18-25, 25-22, 21-25, 21-25.

Significant stats for individual members were: Melissa Olson � 18 A, 6 K, 2 B, 14 pos; Ellen Odson � 5 A, 2 B, 8 D, 30 SA, 12 pos; Britt Weydert � 16 P, 6 D, 16 pos; Michelle Olson � 17 P, 33 A, 9 K, 10 D, 7 pos; Heather Walker � 15 A, 4 D, 4 B, 11 D, 18 pos; Annie Carlson � 15 P, 35 A, 6 K, 22 D, 17 pos; Britt Campbell � 18 P, 16 D; Britt Babb � 19 A, 7 K, 4 D; and Ariel Hofman � 13 P, 11 D. Team final record, 11-10.

"Since the season is now over for the 2004 edition of Tanager volleyball, each athlete will look back on the improvements and memories that were shared by all," Billberg said. "The three five-game matches with EP/J, winning the Big 8 Conference for the first time, continuing our dominance over Lennox, and the constant laughter had by all, are just a few of the lasting images.

"This season completes the careers of six gifted Tanagers," she added. "Members graduating this spring will be Melissa Olson, Ellen Odson, Annie Carlson, Brittany Weydert, and Melaney Porter. Heather Walker will also be leaving for the grasslands of Australia. Each lady will be missed, not only for their contributions on the court, but also their smiles, laughter, memories."

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