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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Senior golfers greeted by sunshine

What a treat! Sunshine greeted 27 senior golfers on Monday, Nov. 22 at The Bluffs. It was played on Monday, with the usual Tuesday date, on a hunch that the weather would be worse by Tuesday.

We congratulate Ross King, Lloyd Heluth and Ron Stecklberg for a fine 37, one over par, and our champions this date. Other prize winners were three teams at 39 and one of the teams at 40. At 39, Max Anderson, Jim Reed and Vern Christensen then Rex Huska, Don Baer and Tim O'Connor along with Dave Raabe, Jim Grabowski and Howard Connors. Our team at 40 was Jerry Sommervold, Bob Lund and Ray Lynn.

Birdies were scarce and the seniors found only three, well below our expectations.

We enjoyed having Rex Huska join us today to add another good left-hander to our ranks. Come back often, Rex. Jerry Sommervold was back following harvest and Pastor Joe Villalobos joined us to add two fine right-handers to our group. You are always welcome, men.

Tuesday, Nov. 30, is our next scheduled date for senior golf, weather permitting. See you at The Bluffs for fun and fellowship with play at 1 p.m. sharp.

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