Volleyball team ends season

Volleyball team ends season by Jim Prosser On Oct. 25, the Tanager varsity volleyball team ended its regular season with a loss to the Harrisburg Tigers.

"Highlights of the match include diving saves by Nicole Orr, stellar defense and passing from Heather Walker, and ferocious front row play from Michelle Olson and Annie Carson," said coach Lennie Billberg. The four-game match had scores of 22-25, 26-24, 21-25, 21-25.

Significant stats for individual members were: Melissa Olson � 18 A, 4 K, 2 B, 5 D, 11 pos; Ellen Odsen � 11 A, 2 K, 35 SA, 16 pos; Britt Weydet � 14 P, 2 A, 2 K, 14 D, 11 pos; Michelle Olson � 33 A, 15 K, 5 D, 9 pos; Heather Walker � 6 P, 20 A, 14 D, 11 pos; Annie Carlson � 19 P, 41 A, 11 K, 8 D, 22 pos. Team season record, 10- 9.

The team faced EP/J Tuesday, Nov. 2 in the first round of District 8A.

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