Volunteers collect school supplies for Guatemala

Volunteers collect school supplies for Guatemala by Michelle Rydell Vermillion High School volunteers for Sharing the Dream In Guatemala have completed their first project � collecting school supplies to ship to Guatemala before their first term of school begins in January.

The Dream Team gathered nearly 10,000 school supplies with help from the Austin, Jolley, St. Agnes, high school and Dakota Valley schools. The project was an outstanding success and all the thanks are due to the children and parents.

"It was an amazing turnout," co-president Molly O'Connor said. "Kids were great about bringing in supplies, especially at Austin school. We couldn't have asked for more giving kids."

Public relations officer Laura Walton agreed.

"The kids at the schools were so enthused about the project and really couldn't wait to get involved. We even had kids say, 'When can we do more?' " she said.

School supplies collected were: 5,146 sheets of paper, 1,740 pencils, 1,214 crayons, 520 colored pencils, 214 erasers, 382 pens, 285 markers, 145 notebooks, 79 bottles of glue, 45 pairs of scissors, 32 rulers, 20 pushpins, six pencil sharpeners, six folders, four bookbags, six packages of Post-Its, two trapper-keepers, three paint sets, one tape dispensor, one compass and one calculator.

"The amount of pencils we collected was really superb," co-president Michelle Rydell said. "Those are school supplies that are greatly needed."

A big thanks is extended to all the parents and children who helped make this project a success.

"Your help was crucial to our success," O'Connor said. "Thanks again!"

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