Wakonda volleyball’s final season is over

Wakonda volleyball's final season is over by Amber Skjonsberg With the intensity that the Wakonda Warriorettes' volleyball team showed off during the season, fans would never realize the struggle they had to overcome this year.

At first, last season's coach Casey Pollman was unable to continue coaching this year's players. Luckily Stacy Lyso, who at the time was the new assistant coach, was able to take her place as head coach. Larry Wynia, last year's assistant coach, helped out coach Lyso for a few games until a replacement was found. Trisha White, an ex-volleyball player, was just the right person to help out with this last season of volleyball.

"They did very well with coaching considering that they didn't really know any of the girls and that coaching us was pretty much handed to them without really having a choice. They did great with keeping us confident and never giving up on us even up to the last game," said junior Ashley Anderson when asked what she thought about this season's coaches.

Although the Warriorettes only defeated Freeman Academy and Dell Rapids Saint Marys, they never gave up. They continued to play their hardest up until their final game against Irene during districts, where they lost by only a few points.

Since this is the last season of Wakonda Warriorettes volleyball it is a bit disappointing that they didn't play better, but it's also rewarding that during it all they never gave up and they showed that Warriorette fight and determination will never die.

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