Blackberry technology offered at Wireless World

Blackberry technology offered at Wireless World Wireless World of Vermillion will now carry and have available to local customers the new Blackberry technology from Research In Motion (RIM).

Blackberry is a hand-held communication device that is part of Verizon Wireless' suite of e-mail services, and is an end-to-end wireless e-mail solution that provides quick, easy, always-on access to e-mail, contacts, calendar and task lists while on the go. In addition, the Blackberry device is a cellular phone and can process all related voice services.

With the BlackBerry device, mobile customers can now stay on top of their e-mail wherever they go in Verizon Wireless' National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area. Blackberry offers a convergence of mobile wireless data processing and a voice communications.

"Wireless World of Vermillion is excited to add Blackberry devices to our all ready wide selection of cellular phones and equipment," said Shawn Boese, store manager. "It further offers area Verizon Wireless customers the latest in technology from our full-service cellular store."

The BlackBerry 7750 from Verizon Wireless provides users with phone, e-mail, text messaging, and organizer applications in a compact, intuitive, easy-to-use handheld that includes: a large, high-resolution screen and vibrant display � supporting more than 65,000 colors, integrated attachment viewing, exceptional battery life, a backlit QWERTY keyboard for fast text entry, and other features.

"With over two million subscribers, BlackBerry continues to grow in popularity across the country and continues to offer the best combined email and phone experience," said Shawn Boese, "And by offering this service from our Vermillion store, it enhances our customer's experience. We see the BlackBerry e-mail technology offering as a natural extension of mobile cellular needs."

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