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To the editor:

Merry Christmas to the individual(s) who chose to steal the lighted Christmas deer lawn ornament from in front of our house over the weekend. We had a three figure set of father, mother and baby deer. Now we have two. Can you imagine the macho spirit, the bravado, the intestinal fortitude that it takes to sneak onto someone's property in the dead of night and take what is not yours?

What bravery, what heroism, talk about uncommon valor!! I imagine your Mom and Dad would be so very proud of you for this. And just think, each deer is chained to a cinder block, so you took the block and chain too! Wow, what a quick thinking, THIEF!

This incident reminds me of another episode about a month ago. Some other brave individual (or perhaps the same one) decided to remove the top of a ceramic coated terra cotta birdbath from our property and smash it to bits at the corner of National and N. Harvard. What a cheap thrill it must be to destroy property that belongs to others.

Everyone knows that there isn't nearly enough anger, strife and hurt in this world. Thanks for doing your part to add to it. Know that your unkindness and your thoughtlessness will surely help make this a joyous holiday season.

Dave and Joyce Zimmer


Thank you to our partners

To the editor:

On behalf of the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce & Development Company, we'd like to publicly thank all of our partners involved with our recent "Come Home for the Holidays" event and the "Market Street Professional Building/ Vermillion Entrepreneurship Center Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting" event.

This past weekend, our community celebrated the kick off to the Christmas season with our "Come Home for the Holidays" event. We'd like to thank all of you who participated and attended the weekend festivities! We'd like to especially thank:

* Erlin Ellison for donating the community Christmas tree.

* The city of Vermillion, city staff, and Clay Union Electric Cooperative for lighting the city and transporting and lighting the tree.

* Dr. Paul Roob for the tree site.

* Manning's Garryowen Tree Farm for the sleigh.

* Hy-Vee and Pepsi for providing the trailer.

* CorTrust Bank for providing hot chocolate.

* Vermillion High School Chorus for sharing their musical talent.

* Area merchants for their contributions to the holiday promotions.

* Vermillion Public Library.

* Senior Citizens Center.

* Vermillion Public Transit.

* Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves.

On Dec. 2, we held a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony for the Market Street Professional Building/Vermillion Entrepreneurship Center at 116 Market Street. This project has successfully come together through the hard work and efforts of many, including: Sen. Tim Johnson and the appropriations committee, the state of South Dakota, the Governor's Office of Economic Development, South Dakota Career Center, Gateway, Phase 2 Solutions, Roger Kozak, Chuck Light, Harvey Youngberg, First Dakota National Bank, Century 21 � French Real Estate, Social Services, Larry Brady, Lowell Cook Construction, Turner Plumbing, Johnson Electric, Jensen Construction, Dakota Construction, Kalin's, staff of the City of Vermillion, Barry Brown, Rick Peterson, USD Office of Research, USD School of Business, Small Business Development Center, Growing Vermillion Incubator Committee, Vermillion Entrepreneurship Center Advisory Board, Mayor Dan Christopherson and city council, and the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce & Development Company Board of Directors.

We truly appreciate your support and we value the partnerships that we have in this great community!


Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce & Development Company Staff

Lisa Ketcham, Heidi Peterson, and Tina Harnois

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