One step at a time

One step at a time by Ally Eckert Every year Wakonda sends several students to compete in oral interpretation. Sophomore Andy Jensen has been the only person from Wakonda the past two years to make it past districts.

Last year Jensen read Piggy Pie by Margie Palintine. Piggy Pie is about a witch determined to make piggy pie but realizes she's missing one key ingredient, piggies.

When she can't find any pigs she enlists the help of a wolf. With this story Jensen made it to the seconds contest and placed second.

This year Jensen's piece was Show and Tell by Robert Munsch. In this story Ben brings his baby sister to school for show and tell in his backpack.

When the teacher hears the baby crying she mistakes it for Ben and calls the principal, who doesn't appear to like children all that much. They then call a doctor who only makes matters worse, until finally Ben calls his mother who saves the day.

With this piece Jensen placed in the top four in districts. He then went on to regions were he placed in the top seven.

Jensen started an oral interp plan during his freshman year to see how it goes and get a feel for it. He was trying to make it to regions during his sophomore year and succeeded. Now Jensen is hoping to go to state and get a superior during his final year.

"I'm just taking it one step at a time," said Jensen.

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